Wieteke Vrouwe

Cosima Terrasse, Veronika Hackl, Andrea Visotschnig

ADMIRABEL – WAS KOSTET consists of artists and community workers from the social lab Liebes Kreta, which formed in 2016 in and around the former Anker Bread Factory and the Kreta quarter in the 10th Viennese urban district. ADMIRABEL is the product of research on life stories and a long-term cooperation with residents of the district. The project of Cosima Terrasse, Veronika Hackl, and Andrea Visotschnig aims to be a mobile betting action encouraging people to bet creatively with alternative stakes – neither money nor goods. Each bet is based on the skills and life stories of those taking part and has a certain quality of yearning about it.

Cosima Terrasse, Veronika Hackl, Andrea Visotschnig
Sechshauser Straße 28

1150 Wien