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Darling / Schramm / Vintagerie - BernhardSchramm_DorisDarling.jpg, 2012 Bernhard Schramm / Doris Darling

Darling / Schramm / Vintagerie

Doris Darling and Bernhard Schramm have been working since early 2012 on a Viennese melange of product design and photography. Doris Darling studied product design at the ECAL/Lausanne, fashion design at the Vienna University of Applied Arts and environmental art at the TAIK/Helsinki. It was at the Salone Satellite 2012 in Milan that she appeared for the first time as lamp-woman hybrid with her performance lamps made of blown glass.
Since the mid-nineties Bernhard Schramm worked internationally in interior design before concentrating completely on photography in 2005. In the photo series “I am Lamp” he unites the two focuses in his work, interior and portrait photography. The Vintagerie, a smart selling point for pretty furniture classics and vintage home accessories is an ideal exhibition venue during the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK.

Darling / Schramm / Vintagerie

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