Emanuel Gollob

Emanuel Gollob


Emanuel Gollob, born in 1991, is a freelance industrial designer based in Vienna. An important part of his work is the use of technical innovations, which are frequently repurposed and employed in an exciting way. He’s not interested in wholesale criticism or glorification of technical progress, seeing it as just a source of many-faceted tools for shaping our present and future. Working at the interface of art, technology, and society, his transdisciplinary activities provide insight into alternative scenarios of the present based on current innovations.


Updating the inbox every five minutes, a dopamine rush after checking items off a list, and mechanical scrolling on a screen until the subway train arrives. Emanuel Gollob and Magdalena May talk about their neuroreactive robotics installation DOING NOTHING WITH AI and the increasing difficulty of doing nothing in an achievement-oriented society, where being available at all times is expected and working constantly is considered a status symbol. In a multidisciplinary examination, they develop ideas about how design can serve as an intervention tool for inspiring more idleness, and as a start-up in the field of robotic performance, Gollob and May unite psychological, neurological, and social perspectives. Planned as a keynote with an open discussion. DOING NOTHING WITH AI is supported by the Vienna Business Agency.

Tue 2.10., 7pm
Festival Headquarters in the former Sophienspital

Emanuel Gollob
Kröllgasse 10–12, EG im Hof

1160 Wien