Engelstein & Grünberger studios

“Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.” (Louis Kahn)

Engelstein & Grünberger studios works in a poly-creative and multidisciplinary manner – and in doing so it seeks to avoid being pigeonholed. It is precisely this that makes the creative studio unique! It helps start-ups to grow and established companies and brands to be revitalized – for each assignment, Engelstein & Grünberger studios assembles a bespoke mix of people and talents that is designed to ensure that sparks can fly. One concept that the creative studio itself has shaped is that of “heartdirection”, stressing that there are much more important things than a beautiful surface.

Engelstein & Grünberger studios
Praterstraße 15/3/17
(Eingang Große Mohrengasse 8)
1020 Vienna