Fessler Kamine

The firm of E. Fessler has been producing oven tiles since 1794. The name stands for first-class quality and handicraft. The Imperial Court was an outstanding commissioner of products by the company; Archduke Carl Ludwig, Archduke Franz of Modena, the Belvedere and Laxenburg Palaces, the Princes of Liechtenstein and Schwarzenberg, to name only a few, greatly valued the tiled ovens custom-made for them.
Today the business enterprise is directed in the seventh generation by Ing. Clemens Fritsche, with all technical innovations, considerations of sustainability – Austria consists to 70% of forest – and the awareness of supplying crisis-resilient heating systems for the market. Collaboration with artists was always high on the agenda of the E. Fessler Company, producing exceptional designs by Prof. Ernst Fuchs, Herta Bucher, Rosemarie Benedikt, Maria Afra Lang, Josef Schneider, Hubert Schmalix and many more.

Fessler Kamine
Mozartgasse 3

1040 Wien