Giese Fritjof - IMG_3995_mod_02.jpg
Giese Fritjof - IMG_3995_mod_02.jpg, Fritjof Giese, 2013

Fritjof Giese

Fritjof Giese is a german designer, based in the heart of Vienna, Austria. In 2008 he founded "Studio Fritjof Giese", an office and workshop focusing on Industrial and Production Design, where he realises and prepares special commercial film sets as well as event systems for fairs and Industrial Design. As an Art Director and Production Designer he is directing set designs mostly for advertising movies, music videos and photo shootings.
In January 2012 he graduaded in Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. His master project is called CargoSail. A social design project to reduce carbon oxid emmission by using wind for transporting goods by sea. (
Since 2009 he is co-founder and member of the creative group Madame Mohr.