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Hermann Czech

Hermann Czech is an architect in Vienna. His heterogeneous work includes urban planning, residential, school, and hotel buildings, as well as interventions of small scale and exhibition design. He studied with Konrad Wachsmann at the Summer Academy Salzburg and with Ernst A. Plischke at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

He is author of numerous critical and theoretical publications. In Czech’s theory (“architecture is background”) the notions of conversion and mannerism play a significant role.

Award for Architecture of the City of Vienna 1985; Prize of
the Academy of the Arts Berlin 2001. Participation in the
Architectural Section of the Biennale di Venezia 1980, 1991,
2000, and 2012. Personal shows in 9H Gallery, London 1987, and
in Architekturmuseum Basel 1996. Visiting professor in Vienna,
at Harvard, and at ETH Zurich

Hermann Czech
Singerstraße 26A

1010 Wien