Italienisches Kulturinstitut Wien, Gartenansicht
Italienisches Kulturinstitut Wien, Gartenansicht, 2011, Paola Zofrea

Italienisches Kulturinstitut Wien

The Vienna Italian Cultural Institute puts on countless events, either in Palais Sternberg or at other venues, and sometimes jointly with other cultural institutions in Vienna. These events include exhibitions, concerts, film showings, plays, literary evenings, and lectures.
There is also an extensive library available to visitors to the Vienna Italian Cultural Institute, with over 20,000 works either in Italian or in German translation (including classical literature, poetry and fiction, history, and art history), CDs, and DVDs of Italian films.
In addition, courses are offered at Palais Sternberg that grant the participants access to the whole spectrum of contemporary Italian language usage, as well as the diversity of Italy’s culture and geography.