Schmölzer Konstantin - 8608_09.JPG
Schmölzer Konstantin - 8608_09.JPG, 2011, Uwe Mimoun

Konstantin Schmölzer

During his studies in the Department of Man and Well-Being at the Eindhoven Design Academy in the Netherlands, Konstantin Schmölzer was fortunate enough to have such mentors as Aldo Bakker, Jan Boelen (Z33), and Ilse Crawford to accompany him all the way until graduation. In Paris he worked for Anna Lena Vaney, and he has worked on projects in the areas of products, film, and installations for Douglas Gordon, Philippe Parreno, Carsten Höller, and Yona Friedman. His projects, with their focus on the conceptual development and innovation, always aim to ‘manufacture reality’.

Konstantin Schmölzer
Hietzingerkai 191/14

1130 Wien