Niko Havranek

Kulturverein Kopfhoch

Kulturverein Kopfhoch consists of an array of people with creative-architectural backgrounds and is concerned with exploring the city and its nuanced essence. The united focus thereby primarily lies on individual perception and the consequent actions in public space. The panoply of these actions becomes part of public discourse through activities, performative events, theoretical works, participation at competitions and discussions. It is thereby essential for us to avoid categorizing and dictating strict directives as to how cities supposedly ought to work. Similarly the project BLAUSTELLE is intended to lead to rediscovery of the city and its sources of friction through self-awareness and actions.

Team: Matthias Garzon-Lapierre, Alexander Gotter, Anna Hagen, Niko Havranek, Sebastian Hofer, Norah Joskowitz, Nils Lütke, and Andreas Wiesenhofer.

Kulturverein Kopfhoch
Gumpendorferstraße 51/41–42

1060 Wien