mostlikely team
mostlikely team, 2010, Studiomato


The group ‘mostlikely’ combines architecture, design, 3-D computer graphics, and sound design. Since 2012 the team of experts in their Vienna office has included Wolfgang List, Kurt Mühlbauer, Mark Neuner, Maik Perfahl, and Robert Schwarz. Before that, they operated under the name DIVANY, realizing primarily architectural projects, such as the restaurant Nam-Nam, the Neuner jewellery studio, and the Möbeldepot City in Vienna. Their current focus, besides low-tech rapid prototyping, is partnering professionals in the borderland between materials research and traditional craftsmanship. But aside from that, they have also produced an old-school acid-house album and a replica of a coat stand designed by Thomas Bernhard.

Schottenfeldgasse 62/2/22