mt masking tape

mt masking tape / Kapitza / Kamoi


Kapitza is a multidisciplinary design studio run by sisters Nicole and Petra Kapitza, who share a passion for color, patterns, mathematics, and nature. Kapitza has gained a global following for its innovative pattern art books which showcase its bold, colorful artworks. These artworks are the result of the studio’s ongoing experimental research into geometric shapes and mathematical formulas as well as organic structures found in nature and mark-making. Together with its intelligent conceptual color language, this defines the unique style of Kapitza’s art.



Kamoi, founded in Japan in 1923, started producing colorful washi tapes in 2008 and has for almost 100 years acquired indispensable skills in manufacturing high-quality adhesive products, mainly for industrial use. The year 2008 marks the beginning of mt masking tape and the worldwide washi tape boom. In the meantime, the brand is recognized to be the best.

mt masking tape / Kapitza / Kamoi