Nedim Husicic
Magdalena Gruper / Valentina Walderdorff


Neuvermoebelt customizes and renews old kitchens, wardrobes, and sideboards. The main focus of this (re) design process is Ikea furniture. The objective: to retain not only these everyday objects, but also their histories and thus – in line with the zeitgeist – create personal added value. At the ideological level, and in line with the currently observable paradigm change in our attitude to our environment and our resources, Neuvermoebelt searches for alternative ways of creating USPs in a globalized world. In this process, our readiness for self-limitation, the criticism of consumption, and new forms of environmental awareness come to the fore. Or, putting it more simply: Neuvermoebelt gives the throwaway society a really good hiding.

Sebastian-Kohl-Gasse 3-9/18

1210 Wien