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Noémi Kiss - Noemi Kiss-Portraitfoto.jpg, © 2012, Noémi Kiss

Noémi Kiss

Noémi Kiss is an architect and philosopher. Her projects are based on a logical development of ideas from her work “Atmosphäre – Wechselbeziehung zwischen Mensch und Material” (Atmosphere – Interplay between Man and Material). She runs the fashion label WIENER FETZEN and the project Carpeted Carpet with Andreas Reichl under the name KISSTHEREICHL. She is primarily interested in materiality, believes in the soft collision between incompatibles, and invests material with a new sense and therefore a new value. This is a dialogue that combines crude building material such as concrete with acrylic paint or worn carpet to form an object. Touching them arouses tactile associations in the observer as an idea of intended evanescence.
Exhibitions include with Daniel Spoerri (“Natürlich Natur”), OK Linz, special show at Art Innsbruck.