Alexander Szadeczky, GF Nofrontiere Design
Alexander Szadeczky, GF Nofrontiere Design, (c) 2012, Marion Luttenberger



Together with developers of materials and processes as part of an Impulse Lead Project of the ‘austria wirtschaftsservice’ (aws) [Austrian Economic Development Service, a federal development and financing bank], Nofrontiere is creating totally new types of products on the basis of materials not yet on the market. Nofrontiere is a design firm that has always been on the cutting edge in many design areas (graphic design and new media). The latest example of this is their entry into the product development branch by means of an innovative research project conducted in conjunction with the process developers of the Organoid® Technologies company. Initial products have already reached the stage of readiness for mass production.

Belvederegasse 26

1040 Wien Wien