OFROOM mit DULFdesign
OFROOM mit DULFdesign, 2012, Peter Korrak

OFROOM Innovations Agentur

The people behind the labels of OFROOM and DULFdesign are Christine Bärnthaler, with her expertise in innovative materials and products in the fields of architecture and design, and Heidulf Gerngross, the ‘Archistrator’, inventor of the ‘archiquant’, and editor of ST/A/R magazine. The meeting of the two, each with an independent business, for the temporary installation of the ‘material:cafe’ in the STILWERK is not by chance.
Among their previous joint appearances were a lecture at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, the Wimmer/Cooper/Gerngross exhibition at the k/haus Vienna, and at functions at the MAK and the Venice Architecture Biennale.

OFROOM Innovations Agentur
Schüttelstrasse 55/10

1020 Wien