Poltrona Frau Wien

Poltrona Frau has been perfecting handicraft for more than a hundred years. The expertise in craftsmanship has been handed on from generation to generation, so that then as now, every single Poltrona Frau piece embodies this knowledge and these skills in a piece of furniture. With its Italian roots and international coverage, Poltrona Frau is a world-class furniture manufacturer standing for the production traditions of Italy. Whether modern chairs in the finest leather for the conference room, a traditional Chester sofa for the living space – Poltrona Frau presents a multifaceted repertoire.
And lovers of Ferrari, Maserati und Rolls Royce very much appreciate Poltrona Frau, since the insides of the thoroughbreds are equipped with the finest Pelle Frau® leather.

Poltrona Frau Wien
Salztorgasse 6

1010 Wien