Team Postlerferguson_High Tech
Team Postlerferguson_High Tech, by Postlerferguson


PostlerFerguson is a London-based design consultancy working across the entire product ecosystem. We deliver solutions that place a product at the center of a design strategy embracing the full range of opportunities around it, from branding to packaging to digital to production.

Founded in 2007 by Martin Postler and Ian Ferguson, they have built an international client roster including Nude Audio(HK), Me&City (CN), Victoria & Albert Museum (UK), the British Council (UK), Goods of Desire (HK), Puzhen Life Corporation (HK), Loewe (CN), and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA). They are recognized design leaders, speaking at international design venues from London to Belgrade to Taiwan, nominated for London’s Design Museum Designs of the Year award in 2012 and winning the EU-sponsored Nanopinion project in 2013.

PostlerFerguson works closely with new companies, acting as partner-investors in Berlin-based startup Try Foods since 2012 and Hong-Kong based wood toy company Papafoxtrot since 2011. Martin and Ian also run Platform 17 at the Royal College of Art’s Design Products department, engaging in research into the future of consumer electronics.

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