Rompom Kollektiv

Rompom collective gathers young Slovenian designers, architects, illustrators, photographers, programmers and economists in a vivid network of professionals. Together we created a project Popup
dom {Pop up home}. Collective work, sharing of knowledge and progressive curiosity are core values through which our creative practice is constantly improved.
Current members of the collective are Mina Arko (graphic designer), Nuša Jelenec (product designer), Maša Ogrin (architect), Nina Mršnik (product designer), Jurij Lozić (product designer), Tilen Sepič
(product designer), Marko Orel (social manager), Metka Pinezič (economist), Miha Artnak (graphic designer), Andraž Tarman (product designer) and Gašper Premože (product designer).

Rompom Kollektiv
Poljanska cesta 22

1000 Ljubjana