Saint Charles Apotheke

Saint Charles traces its roots back to the historical pharmacy in Vienna’s Gumpendorfer
Straße, which remains the backbone of the brand today. The company is run by Alexander
Ehrmann, a sixth-generation chemist, and Richard König. With its focus on Traditional
European Medicine, Saint Charles bases its work on the healing power of the region’s natural
resources, while combining this know-how with a modern lifestyle.
Alongside registered orthodox medicines, the pharmacy offers almost 400 own-brand
products in the areas of natural cosmetics, aromatherapy, and plant-based remedies.
Opposite the pharmacy, with its antique interior, one can find a shop for natural cosmetics
(Saint Charles Cosmothecary), a cosmetics studio (Saint Charles Hideaway), a small
restaurant (Saint Charles Alimentary), and the Saint Charles Complementary, which is
devoted to holistic solutions.

Saint Charles Apotheke
Gumpendorfer Straße 30

1060 Vienna