Sarah Maria Kamleitner

Sarah Maria Kamleitner / Johann Kamleitner

In a critical artistic discussion, Johann (farmer) and his daughter Sarah Maria (visual artist), who grew up and works creatively on the 700-year-old farm in the Mühlviertel, focus in their project on the issue of compensation in agriculture. The topic is introduced by the father-and-daughter team in an aesthetic way and aims to stimulate an appreciative dialogue between the producer and the consumer.

Sarah lives and works as a freelance artist in Upper Austria and Vienna. After studying textile design in Vienna and England, she lived and worked in Sweden and the Netherlands. Currently, she focuses on installations and conceptual work. Creative confrontation with natural phenomena, socially critical questions, as well as the sensory experience of topics are the core of Sarah’s work. The necessity of the expressed topic or feeling is in focus, changing media complement each other, which makes it possible to develop a new language.

Sarah Maria Kamleitner / Johann Kamleitner
Herdmann 5

4360 Grein