Federico Floriani

Schloss Hollenegg for Design

Schloss Hollenegg for Design is a non-profit organization based in Styria. The project’s mission is to support young emerging designers with the aim of creating space for design research, thinking, and critique. Schloss Hollenegg for Design offers one of the few residency programs specifically aimed at designers. It organizes exhibitions, workshops, and symposia centered around design. Each year, three designers are invited to come to Schloss Hollenegg to work on a site-specific design installation on a given theme. The designers are free to explore mediums and styles and should let themselves be inspired by the history and the objects of Schloss Hollenegg. The installations are presented to the public the following year within a curated collective exhibition.

Schloss Hollenegg for Design
Hollenegg 1
8530 Schwanberg