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Sebastian Menschhorn

Sebastian Menschhorn, born in Vienna in 1971, visited a vocational school in Wiener Neustadt before studying industrial design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna with the professors Paolo Piva and Toshiyuki Kita. He contributed to numerous exhibitions, among them „Wiener Tischkultur“ (2005), „fragiles“ (design miami, 2007), „European glass context“ (Bornholm, 2008), Prague Festival 2009 and „Designcriminals“ (MAK Wien, 2010). Sebastian Menschhorn, with his profound knowledge of art history and cultural history, transforms decors, forms and functions into graphic design and consumer goods. He creates contemporary yet timeless designs deeply rooted in history and at the same time telling new stories. He lives and works in Vienna.

Sebastian Menschhorn
Hoher Markt 8/4/36

1010 Wien