Technische Universität Wien (TU Wien)

TU Wien, Three-Dimensional Design and Model Making

This area of teaching and research, which is part of TU Wien, is devoted to various aspects of three-dimensional design in relationship with artistic and cultural theories and practices. With its range of workshops, which are well-equipped for both classic model making and the latest digital production processes, and the expertise of its internal and external supervisors, the center enables students to investigate the conditions for creating forms on the basis of an intense procedural examination of the nature and processing of each material.


The Human Computer Interaction research area at the TU Wien questions the ways of thinking in computer science and houses projects that deal creatively and critically with the challenges of new technologies. Coincidentally, in the same building as the three-dimensional design and model making research area, they belong to different faculties - architecture and spatial planning and computer science. As part of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2020, they will dedicate themselves to the topic of play in two corresponding exhibitions and thus illustrate their thoroughly different approaches and methodology - whether in student work or in long-term research projects. Design-oriented empirical design processes meet research through design.

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