The Infinitive Factory - INFINITIV_84_cu.jpg
The Infinitive Factory - INFINITIV_84_cu.jpg, 2012, lupi spuma

The Infinitive Factory

The Infinitive Factory sees itself as a laboratory for exquisite print production with the focus on letterpress. Its range covers everything ever needed for top-quality print production, whether it involves design that is specially adapted to the printing process, or the refinement processing of ready-made, available prints. The Infinitive Factory was founded in early 2012 with the aim of establishing letterpress also in Austria and of simply enriching the world with more beauty. Since then, in an old vault in Gries, a district of Graz, three original Heidelberg printing machines from the nineteen-fifties and –sixties have been printing, punching, stamping, fluting and perforating for all they are worth. No material they can accommodate can help coming out printed. You simply have to try it out.