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Tobias Röttger

‘For a designer the problem of getting older is not a question of aging per se, but the loss of curiosity – I stay curious.’ Tobias Röttger, born in Aachen in 1980, is a graphic designer and illustrator. He lives in Berlin and London, works for magazines, creates CD covers, and develops corporate designs. Besides his freelance work, he is also a part of the graphic design office HORT. Tobias Röttger has received awards from TDC Tokyo, ADC Europe, and a gold medal from ADC Germany, among others. In 2008, Wallpaper* magazine voted him the best graduate in the category graphic design. He has conducted various workshops, among them with students in Germany at the Mainz University of Applied Sciences, the Bauhaus University in Weimar, and the Berlin University of the Arts.

Tobias Röttger
Urbanstr. 70A

10967 Berlin