VHS Wiener Urania / Hubert Dimko

VHS Wiener Urania

The special architecture and its central location on the Danube Canal make the Wiener Urania one of the best known of Vienna’s adult education centers. In addition to the extensive program of lectures and adult education courses, the public education institution, which opened in 1910, also offers a cinema that is renowned for its premières and the Urania puppet theater with Kasperl and Pezi. Since 2020 – and inspired by the muse of astronomy, to whom it owes its name – the Urania has been strengthening its focus on women, feminism, and gender and it hosts lectures, workshops, and courses that present a wide range of feminist issues. But with its mix of spaces for events and courses, the Wiener Urania is also an event location that offers a rich combination of the historical and the contemporary.