Portrait von Katja & Werner Nussbaumer
Portrait von Katja & Werner Nussbaumer, © wer.K

WerK Nussbaumer

WerK is the furniture and design workshop of Katja and Werner Nussbaumer, located in Vienna’s 7th district. WerK has existed in this deliberately small form for 25 years. They have specialized in individual furniture designs and prototypes, all of which they create and realize themselves. Their works are coveted all over Europe as furnishing and collector pieces, each one being a carefully developed and built one-of-a-kind. One of WerK’s declared goals is to outclass the perfection of industrial production: furniture and objects from WerK are made for a lifetime of living. They become more and more beautiful, personal, and valuable with increasing use and age: transience is figured into the development process from the very beginning.

WerK Nussbaumer
Kenyongasse 20

1070 Wien