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Colourful, alive and multifaceted like the city itself. Wien live documents the spirit of the metropolis on the Danube and devotes itself to the different facets of city life: the people, the fashion, the theatres, the museums, the cuisine, the scene …
Wien live uses elaborate photo series and sophisticated texts to provide varied, surprising and informative insights into city life in Vienna.
Every edition is also devoted to a special topic. High-quality reporting matched with high quality make Wien live the Viennese city magazine.
Wien live, the city magazine that focuses on people, fashion, living, culture and food, is published ten times a year and is available for free in Vienna (in selected cultural institutions, restaurants, shops, hairdressers, ...) and for 2.10 euros at kiosks in the whole of Austria.

Wien live
Schottenfeldgasse 24

1070 Wien