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  • Talk: 25.9.2020, 6pm

Studio Nadja Zerunian

1., Stephansplatz 5


The Vienna initiative co/rizom supports small manufacturers with expertise and strategies in the areas of design, product development, branding and marketing. The objective is to prepare these traditional craft businesses for the market with the help of globally applicable tools. Following a detailed study of Transylvanian folklore, co/rizom has reinterpreted some traditional seating furniture and textiles for contemporary use, together with the labels Wiener Times and Zestrea from Transylvania: Traditional materials were woven and embroidered by hand to create a series of cushions and rustic chairs that are now being presented as part of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. “The pieces reveal a keen sense of artisanal detail while at the same time seeking to investigate the boundary between abstraction and functionality.” 

Talk with: Nadja Zerunian (for co/rizom), Pauline von Thurn und Taxis (photographer), Mark Glassner (photographer) and Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler (mischer’traxler studio)

Moderation: Marcus Fairs (Editor-in-chief, Dezeen)

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The project was initiated by co/rizom and supported by the ERSTE Stiftung.