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aws – austria wirtschaftsservice

  • Talk: 30.9.2020, 11.30am

Vortragssaal bei der Festivalzentrale

12., Hufelandgasse 2


The nation needs new solutions. This has been clearly demonstrated to us, not least by the COVID-19 pandemic. aws Creative Impact supports innovative new products and services, which have the potential to make a positive social and sector-specific impact beyond the limits of a company itself. Funding of up to € 200,000 is available to support the development of prototypes and to get these ready for market. During their talk, Karoline Berghuber and Waltraud Weikl will provide information about the aws Creative Impact support program and speak with the social design experts Lotte Kristoferitsch from EOOS NEXT and Georg Grasser from incremental3d (innovative 3-D concrete printing) about their projects and their experiences with Creative Impact.

Talk with: Lotte Kristoferitsch (EOOS NEXT), Georg Grasser (incremental3d), Karoline Berghuber and Waltraud Weikl (aws – austria wirtschaftsservice)

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