Rosa Rogina, Rosa Rogina


Design Research



  • Talk: 30.9.2020, 4.30pm

Vortragssaal bei der Festivalzentrale

12., Hufelandgasse 2


Curators enable a design event to ask questions and address subjects that go far beyond the reproduction of commercial content. The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is proud of the fact that, year after year, it is able to provide the framework for a curator commissioned to address the issue of design. It was a particular pleasure to be able to invite applications for a research residency for a curator from the United Kingdom as part of the Design Connections program of the British Council.

Having reviewed the many submissions, a jury of experienced experts including the London design curator Jane Withers and the Vienna Studio Vandasye, which put together the DESIGN EVERYDAY exhibition selected Rosa Rogina, who is also Head of Program of the London Festival of Architecture. As part of an intense research process, Rogina is visiting the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK and, alongside her general research into the curatorial potential of design festivals, is investigating ways of making them more democratic and accessible. Or, in the words of the curator herself, “I am delighted to be working with the team at the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK and the British Council on a research project exploring the role of festivals in the city and ways of developing innovative and more democratic methods of research, curation and presentation. In a time of three unprecedented global emergencies – one of COVID-19, one of climate change and another one of protests against racial discrimination – we as curators and festival producers need to step up and creatively and collectively engage with the new social and urban reality.”

The work of the curator will be presented after the festival in the form of a multimedia report.

Jury: Parvinder Marwaha (Design Program Manager, British Council), Jane Withers (Founder and Curator, Jane Withers Studio), Peter Umgeher (Designer and Curator, Vandasye), Lilli Hollein (Director and Curator, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK)