Daniela Schönbächler
Daniela Schönbächler




J. & L. Lobmeyr

  • 25.–26.9.2020, 10am–6pm
  • 28.9.–3.10.2020, 10am–6pm
  • Cocktail: 25.9.2020, 2pm–6pm

The installation “Cabinet Quinta Essenzia” by the Swiss artist Daniela Schönbächler is a contribution, which exemplifies the Passionswege in their anniversary year as well as subtly embodying not only the minimalistic work and the essence of the skill of J. & L. Lobmeyr but also the cooperative intentions behind the Passionswege: Lobmeyr essences is what Schönbächler calls the eight panels made of glass and mirrors, in which she was able to fall back on the incomparable wealth of experience of the family company in the processing of glass and the production of chandeliers. Essential ingredients in the prior manufacturing of glass are the elements fire, water, air and earth. In keeping with the title of her work, Schönbächler, who is principally known for her installations with light, glass and mirrors, adds a fifth element, a philosophical dimension, to the venerable frame. The result of the cooperation with J. & L. Lobmeyr – the partner with whom the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK has most often worked together during 15 years of the Passionswege – is thus yet another completely different approach to the contributions from previous years, which, at the same time, illustrates the wide spectrum of possibilities suggested by this truly magical place.

Cocktail: Fri 25.9., 2pm–6pm
Please register at welcome@lobmeyr.at