Rafael Gil Cordeiro




ZHdK – Zurich University of the Arts, Department of Design

  • 25.9.–4.10.2020, 11am–8pm

Außenstelle Solarium

12., Schönbrunner Straße 271

Can sleep be optimized? Are medical diagnoses an expression of the zeitgeist? Can dealing with death be integrated into everyday life? How can we create simple, modular prosthetics for crisis regions? And what is the medical potential of yogic teachings? Our mental and physical health is fundamental and the basis of a social society. Designers can make a vital contribution to this highly topical subject. In the context of the format Debut, with which the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK turns its attention every year to outstanding educational institutions, the Department of Design of ZHdK – Zurich University of the Arts is presenting twelve diploma projects and one research project, all of which address the area of health and offer new solutions and perspectives.