Eugenia Maximova / Silent River / Bildrecht Wien

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Bildrecht | Bildraum 01

  • 30.9.–1.10.2021, 1pm–6pm
  • Eröffnung: 30.9.2021, 7pm

“In her exhibition SILENT RIVER in Bildraum 01, Eugenia Maximova researches the social, political, and personal dimensions of a violent crime. Her starting point is the brutal murder of the television journalist Victoria Marinova, which occurred on 6.10.2018 in the Bulgarian city of Ruse. SILENT RIVER is an artistic investigation of this act and the social circumstances that led to it taking place. As in earlier projects, the artist works exclusively with an analog medium format camera. In aesthetic terms, the images represent a knowing antithesis to the surfeit of portrayals of violence in the mass media.” (Vreni Hockenjos) 

Opening: Thu 30.9., 7pm
Welcome: Günter Schönberger (Bildrecht)
On the exhibition: Vreni Hockenjos (Reflektor)
Bildraum 01
1., Strauchgasse 2

The exhibition runs until 22.10.