Wildes Moos
Wildes Moos
Wildes Moos

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  • 25.9.2020, 10am–7pm
  • 26.9.2020, 10am–6pm
  • 28.9.–2.10.2020, 10am–7pm
  • 3.10.2020, 10am–6pm

Rado Boutique Wien

1., Kärntner Straße 18


A special reinterpretation of Rado's Vienna boutique is something of a tradition at the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. For the duration of this year's festival, Heike Stuckstedde, the founder of ATARA design and a participant in the Rado Design Award 2019, is presenting a sensually haptic installation, in which optical fibers wind their way amongst fine moss balls, creating extraordinary reflections. The flat moss and the moss balls, which come from the Austrian company WildesMoos, shroud parts of the Rado store at Kärntner Straße 18 – a natural greening process that ideally fits the current Rado campaign and the new, trendily green products.