FRIEDER BOHAUMILITZKY mit Ursula Klein (schulteswien) auf der GSTÄTTN

  • 16.–25.9.2022, 11am–8pm
  • Film & Gespräch mit Markus Rupprecht und Laurenz Steixner: 17.9.2022, 6pm
  • Talk with Florian Wenninger: 18.9.2022, 6pm
  • Film & Gespräch mit Bene F. Werth: 19.9.2022, 6pm
  • Talk with Anna Paul: 20.9.2022, 6pm
  • Talk with Markus Rumelhart: 21.9.2022, 3.30pm
  • Talk with Claudia Huemer: 22.9.2022, 5pm
  • Talk with Sebastian Hackenschmidt: 22.9.2022, 6pm

Festivalzentrale auf der GSTÄTTN

6., Mollardgasse 50

Design is political. Handicrafts are political. Urban life is political. It was these convictions that brought the designer Frieder Bohaumilitzky together with Ursula Klein. Klein’s workshop produces objects that occupy space despite consisting of virtually nothing. She is the third generation to run schulteswien, which welds together plastic elements to create inflatable forms – for objects such as installations designed by well-known artists.

In their Passionswege project, Bohaumilitzky and Klein work together to take advantage of the ability of inflatables to fill space and make statements. Their installation entitled “Under the paving stones lies the beach” (“Sous les pavés, la plage” – a slogan from the French protest movement of 1968) spills over from Klein’s workshop in Mariahilf’s Gewerbehof onto the open spaces of the Festival Headquarters on the GSTÄTTN. Here, the arrangement of inflatables invites speculation about what was and what could be – as well as a critique of what is. For whom is the city here? Who designs it? And what should it provide? As well as offering visitors the opportunity to ask these questions while lying back on the air-filled installations, the Passionswege team will also discuss them with a range of guests from design, politics, and society.

17.09.2022, 6pm Film & Talk 

Meeting Point, Film: Mollardgasse 85a/Staircase 1/ Door 30
Talk at GSTÄTTN with: Markus Rupprecht and Laurenz Steixner, Rust-AG (working group architecture/film/party)
Film: hdb (houses of encounter)
Location: schulteswien, Mollardgasse 85A

18.09.2022, 6pm Talk

With: Florian Wenninger, Head of the Institute for Historical Social Research, Institute for Contemporary History, University of Vienna
Location: Festival headquarters on the GSTÄTTN

19.09.2022, 6pm Film & Talk 

Meeting Point, Film: Mollardgasse 85a/Staircase 1/ Door 30
Talk at GSTÄTTN with: Bene F. Werth, Filmmaker
Film: Precinct: Alterlaa
Location: schulteswien, Mollardgasse 85A  

20.09.2022, 6pm Talk

With: Anna Paul, Artist
Location: festival headquarters on the GSTÄTTN

21.09.2022, 15.30pm Talk

With: Markus Rumelhart, Politician and district leader of the 6th Viennese district
Place: Festival headquarters on the GSTÄTTN

22.09.2022, 5pm Talk

With: Claudia Huemer, Political scientist and head of wohnpartner, Vienna
Place: Festival headquarters on the GSTÄTTN 

22.09.2022, 18pm Talk

With: Sebastian Hackenschmidt, Curator and Custos Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna
Location: Festival headquarters on the GSTÄTTN