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rauminhalt_harald bichler

  • 25.9.2020, 12pm–7pm
  • 26.9.2020, 10am–3pm
  • 29.9.–2.10.2020, 12pm–7pm
  • 3.10.2020, 10am–3pm
  • Cocktail: 1.10.2020, 5pm

rauminhalt_harald bichler

4., Schleifmühlgasse 13


For the Austrian designer Klemens Schillinger, the term hardware refers to anonymous components that can be used in a variety of areas. And, in turn, the term Halbzeug refers to primary material in general: raw material, components, or the simplest semi-finished products. In the context of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, Schillinger is now investigating the aesthetic and functional qualities of the Halbzeug: For this exhibition in the gallery rauminhalt_harald bichler he has specially created new, auratic pieces of furniture and wall objects in which he self-evidently combines constructive and aesthetic components – pipe clips, cast angles and perforated metal – in a way that carefully ensures that these starting materials remain visible.

In addition to Klemens Schillinger’s work gallery rauminhalt_harald bichler presents in its second room the Swiss artist Sascha Reichstein. Her work, of which among others a parent and seating elements from the series VARIANTS are shown, is at home both in the applied and free fields.