Kollektiv Raumstation, Kollektiv Raumstation

Stadtarbeit – City Work



Kollektiv Raumstation Wien

  • 25.9.–4.10.2020, 3pm–6pm
  • Opening and performance: 26.9.2020, 5pm
  • Brachen chess: 27.9.2020, 4pm–6pm
  • Brachen concert: 27.9.2020, 8pm
  • Talk Stadtarbeit: 29.9.2020, 5.30pm
  • Reading with Eva Mühlbacher: 30.9.2020, 6pm
  • silent building gap disco: 3.10.2020, 6pm
  • Finish and brunch: 4.10.2020, 11am–1pm

Brache (Kollektiv Raumstation Wien)

17., Lobenhauerngasse 2


“Where there is nothing, everything is possible! Where there is architecture, not much more is possible.” (IBA Berlin 2020)

Any investment in land and buildings is also regarded, especially during a crisis, as a secure investment. But what is a piece of wasteland worth? Inspired by our shared sense of spatial oppression during the COVID-19 lockdown, Kollektiv Raumstation Wien is readdressing the value of open space in the city. The traditional (and, hence, principally financial) valuation of land is compared with a sensual investigation: an (e)valuation that precisely identifies and visualizes spiritual, immaterial and common values. On a piece of wasteland in the 17th District, the collective is running an experimental station for measuring values and a diverse supporting program, in cooperation with the neighborhood and visitors to the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK: from wasteland sports, via collective tea breaks, to a pensioners' meeting or an open-air home office. The collective approach of creating an alternative value system should make it possible to visualize, experience and research positive and sensual experiences during the process of land appropriation. For ten days, an everyday utopia will be created with the aim of determining the value, rather than the price of this piece of wasteland. More information can be found at ifw.raumstation.org.

As part of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK the Institute for Valuation was awarded the ExtraVALUE- Design Award 2020. 

Valuation measurement: 3- 6pm
Brachen library: 3- 6pm