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Ritual: tea ceremony. What if we could taste relaxing natural places? What if precious ingredients could be integrated with refinement and aesthetic sensibility? This joint project by Simiæn, a design research group led by Julia Schwarz and Lisi Penker, and the chemist Alexander Ehrmann was dedicated to investigating the potential of the culture of tea. It asked what experiences – beyond the simple act of pouring – could be offered by Austria’s tea, which is often consumed for purely pragmatic purposes. And it provided answers in the form of tea glasses made from the elementary material natural stone and an infusion made from lichen. This plant has the unique ability to absorb the taste of the environment in which it grows: on wild coasts, at bracing altitudes high in the Alps, or deep in sweet-smelling mossy forests. More about the program can be found on the website of the Saint Charles Apotheke.

Licking Rocks Design Installation
A relaxing place from nature in the middle of the pharmacy? Hinterthal - inspiration for the eponymous, first experiential lichen-based Tea Infusion. 

Five o'clock tea
Thursday, Sept. 22, 5-8pm
Saint Charles Pharmacy, Gumpendorfer Str. 30
At the Five O'Clock Tea at Saint Charles Apotheke Hinterthaler lichen tea can be sipped from natural stone tea cups - or lapped up? Here, instead of small talk, there are unforeseen things to discuss, to marvel at and to taste. 

One o'clock tea 
Saturday, Sept. 24, 1-4pm
Saint Charles Complementary, Gumpendorfer Str. 22
Instead of the traditional Saturday hustle and bustle, a tea ceremony? That's what you get at Saint Charles Complementary. Actively participate in it or just passively witness it, both are possible. 
"After leaving the unreality of the urban world, the space lightens the soul and the detaching devotion to the rite, which takes place in 7 steps, culminates in a decelerating atmosphere over a comforting cup of tea - Simple. Satisfied. Be."
(Master of Ceremonies: Manfred Hofer)  

Attention: Limited places 
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