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MAK – Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst

  • 29.9.2020, 7pm–10pm
  • Talk: 29.9.2020, 7pm
  • Workshop: 29.9.2020, 8pm

What are the possibilities for using new technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to move waste management towards recycling-based cycles? How can innovative projects be created from plastic waste with the help of smart recycling and new design strategies? What is the future of waste avoidance and what are the tasks facing non-profit organizations, large companies and each and every one of us?

#BYOP: Bring Your Own Plastic! “Become a ‘plasticpreneur’ yourself – collect and clean your plastic and process it into new objects at MAK DESIGN NITE!” Further details at

Talk with: Chien-hua Huang (architect and designer), Raphaela Egger and Florian Mikl (Plasticpreneur), Helene Pattermann (Founder and CEO, Zero Waste Austria), Precious Plastic Vienna – The Association for Increasing Awareness of Plastic Recycling. 
Moderation: Marlies Wirth (Curator, Digital Culture and the MAK Design Collection)

Tue 29.9., 7pm–10pm
Free admission (all program items)

Talk: Tue 29.9., 7pm
Language: English 

Workshop “Plasticpreneur by doing circular”: Tue 29.9., 8pm

900,000 tons of plastic waste are generated each year in Austria, more than half by private households. 71 percent of this waste is incinerated. The machines of the Austrian startup Plasticpreneur transform this trash into something valuable. The name Plasticpreneur refers to an entrepreneur who produces new things from old plastic – a recycling-based design approach that contributes to avoiding waste and protecting the environment.