Children's Workshop


Sophie Lingg, Helena Schmidt

  • Workshop: 3.10.2020, 2pm–3.30pm

Festivalzentrale im Amtshaus Theresienbadgasse

12., Theresienbadgasse 3

The tour focuses on the urban realm and its online and offline worlds. During a walk through the Festival Headquarters and the Focus District Meidling participants connect (urban) design with the digital world. As we wander through the city, for how long are our eyes focused on the display of our smartphone? Where do the analog and digital urban realms overlap? To what extent do we inscribe our bodies into these (with the help of tags)? What role does design play here (online and offline) and how could this change? During the practical part of the tour, the children and young people are active themselves, answering all the questions that have arisen with the help of memes, markers, hashtags and links.

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Please note that you have to bring your ticket for the tour digitally or printed.

Meet 15 minutes before the tour starts

Maximum of 15 participants
Target group: young people between the ages of 15 and 20 
Please bring your own smartphone or tablet (if possible!)

Tickets: 5 €