Walter Grill

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Walter Grill

  • 25.9.–4.10.2020, 12pm–8pm
  • Cocktail: 25.9.2020, 6pm
  • Early Bird Frühstück: 30.9.2020, 7am–11am

"Die Zuckerbäckerin", Grätzlhotel

12., Rosaliagasse 3


There is furniture for sitting on, there is furniture for lying on – but there is hardly any furniture for leaning on. This is astonishing. For who has never leant on a tree, a kitchen, or a wall? Exactly! For several years, Walter Grill has been designing pieces of furniture for precisely this posture. Sure: One could simply build a sloping wall, but this wouldn’t necessarily be mobile. And in any case: What is the ideal 'angle to lean'? Visitors collaborate with the designer on prototypes and working models – the use of which is expressly desired! And the designer is looking forward to getting feedback. In addition to an exhibition of porcelain bowls that Grill has developed for Verival, the Tyrolean premium organic brand, further projects and a striking collection of inconspicuous special features offer insights into Walter Grill's working methods.

Free early-bird breakfast with coffee and organic muesli from Verival on 30.9.