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  • 25.9.–4.10.2020, 12pm–8pm
  • Cocktail: 25.9.2020, 6pm
  • Talk: EVALUATION vs. DISPLACEMENT: 25.9.2020, 10am
  • Talk: SOCIAL COHESION: 25.9.2020, 12pm
  • Talk: SOCIAL DESIGN: 25.9.2020, 2pm
  • Talk: CLIMATE CHANGE & URBAN GREENING: 25.9.2020, 4pm

"Der Schuster", Grätzhotel

12., Rosaliagasse 3


Vienna Meidling. Just like in the rest of Austria, all the restaurants, pavement cafés, playgrounds and public parks were closed during the lockdown. For the people of Meidling, most of whom live in (small) homes without balconies or gardens, the only places in the local area where they could find some desperately needed fresh air were empty car parks or green spaces with limited visitor appeal.

Sigrid Mayer is a local resident as well as an active user and sensitive observer of the neighborhood around Meidlinger Markt. The objective of her participative Klima-Grätzl (climate-neighborhood) project is to create a sustainably designed public realm that is focused on the needs of its users and addresses the many challenges in the areas of climate change, greener cities, public welfare, social cohesion, gentrification and digitalization. Her initiative has already brought together a group of highly committed Meidling residents who want to take the next step, together. As part of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, a temporarily occupied area in Rosaliagasse should encourage an ongoing analysis of the quality and use of public space and invite more engaged individuals to get involved. Because: My Meidling is also our Meidling. 


On 25.9., a climate-neighborhood symposium will take place in the public realm. Experts will discuss subjects that are vital to all our futures, including social design, upgrading and gentrification, climate change and the greening of the city as well as social cohesion.


10:00 am
EVALUATION vs. DISPLACEMENT - How do you manage the balancing act between preservation and further development?

12:00 am
SOCIAL COHESION - How can lived diversity succeed?

14:00 pm
SOCIAL DESIGN - Who can and should actually participate?

16:00 pm
CLIMATE CHANGE & CITY GREENING - How can the quality of stay be increased, despite overheating?