Lukacs Laszlo Vienna

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Lukács László Vienna

  • Workshop: 26.9.2020, 3.30pm–5.30pm

Vortragssaal bei der Festivalzentrale

12., Hufelandgasse 2


What does the perfect men’s shoe look like? And what about modern, high-quality and individual product design? In order to answer exactly these questions, the designer Lukács László is inviting visitors to his studio in Vienna's Wieden District during the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. In addition to examining unusual materials, the festival audience will have the opportunity to get particularly close to the meticulously precise creative process – from the idea, via the design, to the final product, which not only appears minimalist and elegant, but also resists everyday wear and tear. This year, with the support of Faber-Castell, Lukács László is offering a workshop as part of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK.

Maximum of 15 participants
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