Petra Gell

Programme Partners




  • 25.–26.9.2020, 4pm–7pm
  • 30.9.–3.10.2020, 4pm–7pm
  • Cocktail: 25.9.2020, 7pm

Space becomes art, architecture becomes image. In the flexible, communal and multi-use working, project, production and exhibition space T/abor, Petra Gell devotes herself to the impact of space and the built environment on our perception: Drawn, pasted and painted lines lead us over the apparent edges of images into the space itself, which has been expanded by a series of geometrical surfaces and colors. The artist creates depth where previously there was none. She alters the temperature of the floor, wall and ceiling. Spaces are appropriated through the use of such tools as building materials, adhesive tape and pencil – as a result of which ostensibly common objects articulate themselves as artistic content. In this way, the process of constant investigation reveals itself – on the basis of the techniques of painting, graphic design, collage and installation – as a playfully constructive format. And the position of the borders between painting, design and architecture is purely in the eye of the beholder.

25.9.–3.10., Wed–Sat, 4pm–7pm 
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