Oliver Killig




Design Campus, d-o-t-s

  • 22.9.2023, 11am–8pm
  • 23.9.2023, 11am–10pm
  • 24.9.–1.10.2023, 11am–8pm
  • Cocktail: 26.9.2023, 7pm–10pm

Festivalzentrale im Prater

2., Laufbergergasse 12

ROOM FOR CHANGE is an invitation to change perspective, question harmful agricultural practices, and look at plants as allies for militant and poetic design scenarios. Showcasing material experiments, fashion items, products, performances as well as videos and photos, the installation highlights the design and narrative potential of plants and reveals stories of interdependence, empowerment, resilience, but also exploitation, overconsumption, and colonization. The featured works were produced by the participants of The School of Phyto-centred Design, the 2023 summer program curated by d-o-t-s for the Design Campus at Pillnitz Palace and Park in Dresden, Germany.

Cocktail: Sat 26.9., 7pm–8pm at the Festival Headquarters - continued until 10 pm at Schweizerhaus