VIENNA DESIGN WEEK/Kollektiv Fischka/Daniela Jakob

Programme Partners



KAT – Kreativwirtschaft Austria

  • Networking: 1.10.2020, 5pm–6pm
  • Talk: 1.10.2020, 6pm–7pm
  • Crossover workshop for social entrepreneurs and designers: 1.10.2020, 3pm–5pm

Vortragssaal bei der Festivalzentrale

12., Hufelandgasse 2


How can design – whether in the field of product design, interiors, architecture, graphic design or otherwise – contribute to maximizing social impact? How much commercial creativity can be found in successful social enterprises? And how much social engagement can be invested in design? Such questions are addressed by experts from Switzerland and Austria in a public panel discussion and in a two-hour crossover workshop with a small circle of social entrepreneurs and designers. 

The workshop from KAT – Kreativwirtschaft Austria is a networking format that encourages cooperation between sectors. Applications can be made via the KAT website. The panel is hosted by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA of the AUSTRIAN ECONOMIC CHAMBERS. Another part of this cooperation is the exhibition DESIGN EVERYDAY, which is supported by KAT and in which the designs being exhibited by the design studio Vandasye include a number of projects with a social dimension.

Free admission
Limited number of participants
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