AA nanotourism Visiting School




AA nanotourism Visiting School

  • Tour: 27.9.2020, 4.30pm–5pm
  • Tour: 29.–30.9.2020, 4.30pm–5pm
  • Tour: 3.–4.10.2020, 4.30pm–5pm

Festivalzentrale im Amtshaus Theresienbadgasse

12., Theresienbadgasse 3

How can we learn from the trees which grow spontaneously in Meidling? The tour discovers and narrates the stories of the unregistered trees which find their own way through the urban fabric of Untermeidling. In collaboration with locals - biologists, tour guides, politicians and the community - the found  trees are identified and documented in an alternative narrative of the urban existence. The discourse poses a critical stance against the existing bureaucratic model of "urban greenery" and reveals the role of self-planted trees within the city as a legible symptom of a larger global issue: the climate crisis.

Language: English
German, Italian or Turkish upon request

Admission free
Maximum of 20 participants

Meeting Point: In front of Festival Headquarters in the Amtshaus Theresienbadgasse