AA Nanotourism visiting school



TALK: A Future of Tourism

AA nanotourism Visiting School

  • Talk: 2.10.2020, 7.30pm

Vortragssaal bei der Festivalzentrale

12., Hufelandgasse 2


What is the meaning of tourism in the age of COVID-19? Against the background of the recent pandemic, the AA nanotourism Visiting School invites us to reflect upon the role of tourism in daily life and, in doing so, to simultaneously think about new operating models and the relevance of the sector. The laboratory for directly testing new tourism strategies is the area surrounding this year’s VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Festival Headquarters in Meidling. Here, questioning and hammering and a thorough investigation of our understanding of tourism will start well before the opening of the festival. This critical examination will then lead, in a close cooperation between international experts and the local community, to the creation of 1:1 models, which should reveal the potential of hyper-regional nanotourism: location-specific experiences, installations and events – all of which demonstrate ways of thinking about tourism in the future. The talks and guided tours will offer the opportunity to explore and to raise a glass to the projects as part of a critical discussion of the subject of tourism.

Guests: Aljosa Dekleva (AA nanotourism, dekleva gregoric architects), Aline Lara Rezende (Kuratorin, Journalistin), Gabriel Roland (Vienna Design Week) Brigitte Felderer (Social Design Studio, dieangewandte), Florian Größwang (Österreich Werbung), moderated by Jakob Travnik (AA nanotourism, TU Wien) 

Facebook live stream: https://www.facebook.com/VIENNADESIGNWEEK